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Commissioned Ceramic Work

The Items:

Each Custom Ordered Plaques shown was Individually hand-built by Ms. Lilian. No molds or patterns were used, other than photographs provided by the customer as a starting point.

The Process:

Three to four layers of clay were added on to the initial 1/4" slab of moist low fire earthenware white clay.

The layers were cut and attached to develop a better illusion of depth (3 dimensions). The layers were also manipulated to add textures, details, and interest to the overall composition.

Once the plaque was formed, it was allowed to dry slowly. This usually take 7 - 10 days.

At this point, the plaque was "bisque fired" in an electric kiln, powered by solar energy produced by our solar panels installed on the roof. This firing took approximately 5 hours to reach the desired temperature of 1945ºF in which the clay became hard and the intended white bisque color.


It takes approximately 8 - 10 hours for the kiln to cool down slowly, to avoid stress cracks on the plaque.

The plaque was then carefully painted, glazed, and fired again. This second firing usually only takes between 3 - 4 hours in order to reach the desired glazing temperature of 1828ºF in which the glazes becomes vitrified and bonded to the clay.

All plaques come ready to hang with either a sawtooth hook on the back OR with decorative wire & beads as shown in some of the images below.

The overall time for completion varies from project to project.

Sawhook hanger.jpeg
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