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Weekly Group Classes

We offer a monthly package of 4  one-hour group lessons,

giving you the flexibility of only committing to one month at a time. 

Typically, there are no more than 6 students in each Group Class. 


Our Group Classes are best suited for school-age students who attend

 private or public schools, or are currently being home-schooled.

Each group is loosely arranged by age range:  5 to 9,  9 to 12,  or 13 to 17.

For adults or students outside these age ranges,

please contact us for an evaluation or to request Private Lessons. 

Each month stands independent from previous & subsequent months, and has

a unique theme and focus, so participants have the opportunity to try

variety of materials,  styles, and techniques throughout the year.

We'll provide all the tools and supplies needed to complete each project!


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