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Our Vision 

We Transform Cherished Memories Into Beautiful Personalized Keepsakes

Our Core Beliefs

  • Creativity is intrinsic to all people and it seeks a positive outlet;

  • Practice in any given talent or skill improves quality, style, and productivity;

  • Generosity benefits self as much as others.

Our Mission

To provide, by means of skillful instruction, appropriate tools, and quality materials, an occasion for our patrons to create personalized, sentimental, unique, keepsakes that will bring back memories of past accomplishments and positive experiences.


Each scheduled Lesson is designed to:

  • increase artistic knowledge and experience;

  • develop artistic skills through observation and practice;

  • foster a love and appreciation for all visual arts;

  • enable expression of one's own creativity.

Our Artist/Teacher

Ms. Lilian is a trained Art Educator with over 30 years of experience teaching and a lifetime of experience creating Art.

She is skilled in an impressive array of mediums and techniques, but her passion

is sharing her heart which motivates her students to do the same through their own creativity.

Qualified & Expereinced Art Teacher

Our Location

3440 Lemmington Road 

Pensacola, FL  32504

ARTfullyLILIAN Studio, LLC is a small, private, working, home-based studio located in a friendly neighborhood. The actual studio space is an independent, dedicated space, with its own half bathroom,  attached to our home. This allows us the flexibility and convenience of holding classes without compromising our family's privacy. This enabled us to keep work and family time separate, but physically close.


Our Online Store  

ARTfullyLILIAN Studio's Online Store provides an marketplace for our patrons to purchase some of the colorful Artwork produced in the studio by Ms. Lilian. 

Most of the hand built ceramic pieces were created as she was demonstrating the building process and decorative techniques during one of her classes. All items for sale are a handmade "ONE OF A KIND".

You are always welcome to place a CUSTOM ORDER for a new, but similar creation, according to your personal specifications.  

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